Why is SCENAR more efficient, than other methods?

The main advantage of SCENAR is that its impulse is bio-variable. Responding to the skin reaction, it automatically “adjusts” the parameters for the most efficient treatment – SCENAR impulse is physiological:

Our lecturers

Tamara Goncharov

President RITMSCENAR OKB, Inc.

Vice President for

Product Supply in RITMScenar OKB, Inc.
Dallas, Texas
Scenar technology training provider.

Irina Ershova

SCENAR therapist

SCENAR trainer

Dr. Irina Ershova MD, is specializing in physiotherapy, reflex therapy, roentgenology; she is a SCENAR therapist and RITM OKB ZAO certified trainer. Mrs. Ershova devoted herself to SCENAR-therapy about 23 years ago, and since then she has helped hundreds of her patients.

Olga Davis

Training and Support

Executive Administrator

Olga Davis, Executive Administrator, Training and Support.