Safe Treatment

RITM SCENAR is the development in personal pain relief therapy utilizing bio-feedback neuro stimulation, it may be used in conjunction with other therapies and conventional medicine.

In daily practice

RITM SCENAR is used for patients of all ages with a wide variety of symptoms: for both acute and chronic conditions. Great for a self-treatment, as well as being used in a therapy clinic.

On-the-go use / Handy device

RITM SCENAR is ready for immediate use in top-level sports. This high-quality robust device can be used anywhere. And it fits in your pocket. Take it with you on vacation or a business trip.

What is SCENAR?

special device class – biocontrolled electrostimulation, significant difference from other methods of electric therapy, adaptive therapy that uses feedback, perfect multifunctional therapy, can be applied in any situation, portable device which can replace a physiotherapy cabinet

SCENAR is easy to use and the medical practitioner without SCENAR-therapy experience can obtain good results after the first session