Q: Can I take an on-line course?

A: We prefer to conduct classroom trainings. And there are 3 reasons behind it:

  • our trainer will use the device on you to let you experience the SCENAR signal yourself (that’s why our groups are so compact up to 10-12 people, where our trainer is able to give enough attention to each participant and every student has a chance of being treated at the training),
  • our trainer will help you “develop the SCENAR therapist hand” where you learn how to properly hold and move the device on the body (pressure, direction, sliding, replacing, overlapping, circles, stickiness),
  • our trainer will show how to properly find most of the spots and areas of treatment on a real body base on the human anatomy which may differ from a picture in a book.

Also there are some basics of SCENAR therapy that can’t be taught through the screen – like signs of SCENAR therapy, search for Small Asymmetry Zones, Stickiness, Reciprocal zones, etc.
However, we share a lot of live treatments performed at our classroom training and post several videos with treatments of different areas and complaints.

Q: Will you please come to a country N to conduct your seminar?

A: We are a US-located company so within the United States we schedule our trainings based on the demand. There are some areas/ states that are a little more open to the complementary medicine that the others. So, we pick these areas as an anchor SCENAR training centers and people from around and far come to us.

So far, we had a very good experience in San Francisco, Seattle, New York and Miami.

With the training abroad the situation is a little more complicated. First, there might be a national representative who takes care of all the aspects of SCENAR including distributorship and trainings. Second, the “foreign” group needs to be up to 20 people, so we can cover all our travel expenses. And preferably a local host who is going to be our contact / go-to person there. Third, the language barrier. The official language of the trainings is English, and our trainer is fluent in English too. We feel like the translation is taking half of a training time, as well as an inexperienced translator can totally misinterpret/ butcher the information to a completely opposite meaning.

So, you can always find an excuse to travel to the USA to participate in one of our trainings as well as take your time and enjoy your American vocation.

Instead of going through so many arrangements for us to come to your country.

Q: I bought a SCENAR device 8 years ago from SCENAR Health/ScenarUSA (online/ a seller who is not on the market any more) and it quit working on me. Who do I contact for repairs?

A: Regardless of where you purchased your device RitmScenarUSA is the only official manufacturer’s representative in the USA who handles repairs.

First, you have to contact us at stating that you have a device that needs to be repaired. In response to your request we will email you a form to fill out (describing a type of malfunctioning, or the way it was possibly broken) and detailed instructions how and where to ship it.

Second, upon receiving your device our specialist in TX will look into the problem and determine the complexity of the issue. Some minor repairs can be done right here in the USA. However, more complicated issues can only be fixed at the manufacturer’s facility. After explaining and discussing the issue with the manufacturer’s engineers we will notify you how much the repairs will cost you (or if the device was bought from us and still under a warranty you will pay nothing).

You should realize that some of you are still using very old device models and in this case the manufacturer might not have the parts to repair. A very complicated issue is screens, here the whole case needs to be replaced. Also please keep in mind – in some cases it costs more to repair an old device than add a little bit more money and buy a brand new device with warranty.

The most common issue is loose/broken port for external electrodes, please pay attention and use the right cord with the right model or use the adapter cord!!!

Third, if the buyer and the manufacturer agree on the term and conditions of the repairs (through RitmScenarUSA) we will ship your device to Russia. And this can take up to 3 months (including the “travel” time oversees). If you purchased your device through RitmScenarUSA and it is still under the warranty, we will provide a rent device for the term of repairs.