Genuine Scenar Training

Anti-Aging, Aesthetic and Rejuvenation SCENAR Techniques on Marchr 1-3, 2019 in Miami, FL
I am writing to say thank you once more. The seminar was very informative and I am looking forward to being able to attent another sometime in the not to distant future. Mirna I. Barriga, LMT

Olga, Tamara and Dr Irina,
I wanted to take a moment and say Thank You for the effort, compassion, and time spent to present the seminar last week. It was very helpful, interesting, educational, and presented in a very comfortable manner that was enjoyable and fun. This truly demonstrates that you are excellent ambassadors to represent RITM here in the USA.
It is my plan to attend any Florida based seminars you have in the future (and perhaps other locations) in addition to ordering products as needed.
Olga, you did a great job with all preparations, translating, emails, and questions. Thank you!
Tamara, you did a great job putting together the content, selecting the location, and everything else to put this together and keep it running smoothly. I appreciate your patience with my questions!! Thank you!
Dr Irina, I cannot thank you enough for the information, diagnostic, and treatment. I do feel improvement and look forward to continued improvement following the suggested treatments you provided. You are a miracle worker. Thank you! Charles K Sternfield, CPA

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Level 1 Scenar Training on October 19-21, 2018 in Bay Area, CA
We just had an amazing 3-day SCENAR seminar in San Francisco (Redwood City).
Our new participants fell in love with the device, the technology and the treatment procedures. Our regulars came to learn how to properly explain SCENAR basics to their customers and patients.
We had so much fun and felt very welcomed thanks to our incredible hosts – Nadine Waeghe and Alyona Bilash at Elevate Performance & Physical Therapy.
Any suggestions on the topics, y’all?
Hope to see you, guys, soon!!!
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Enhance Men’s Healing with Advanced SCENAR Technology
We have just finished another successful seminar in Los Angeles, CA (July 13th-15th, 2018). A unique topic – “Enhance Men’s Healing with Advanced SCENAR Technology” – attracted our regulars as well as new participants.
As you know Tomatex LLC is committed to providing the highest standards of training for small groups. We are partnering with Dr (Moscow, RU) because of her breadth and depth of experience with both teaching SCENAR technology and treating real patients.
So together we help our students who are naturally gifted body, mind and energy healers to learn how to use the finest RITMSCENAR devices and techniques. This experience makes the most difference on themselves, their families and business/medical practice.
And if you have never taken a SCENAR class with us please know:
– We provide SCENAR training at many levels including home devices for non-professionals.
– We can tailor a training to your exact needs whether you are a home user or a professional, so that you can get the very most out of your SCENAR device.
– We offer an ongoing support after the training. Your SCENAR journey only begins with us, but it never ends!
– We will only sell you the devices and accessories that you need.
– Even if you did not buy your device from us, or have done training elsewhere, we will be happy to help you! We have extensive knowledge of SCENAR devices and techniques.
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SCENAR TRAINING in San Francisco, CA March 2018
Back Pain. SCENAR therapy of acute and chronic back pain.
Enhancing the Scenar practitioners’ self-confidence in dealing with various health issues and conditions.
Thank you for the wonderful 3 days training (I know we have said it before). So, thank you for making the whole experience a great one.
Tess A.SCENAR-therapy as complementary method for conventional treatment effect acceleration. Even after the first SCENAR treatment child had improved mobility and marked pain relief. Generally much improved well-being and immensely improved quality of life (QoL)
Olga D.I want to thank you for a wonderful seminar.
Back to work and I have been incorporating new ideas already. All that new material makes a big difference . Not only it shortened my time with patients but it gave me great results.
Thank Dr. Irina when you have an opportunity . I hope to get on another seminar with you sometimes. I hope it will be possible. I would definitely retake the cosmetic and hormonal stuff. Keep me posted. The glove electrodes work amazing!
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SCENAR TRAINING in Los Angeles, CA September 8-10, 2017
September 8th-9th – “Back Pain” SCENAR therapy of acute and chronic conditions in the back. Local techniques.” Working with patients.
September 10th – SCENAR operational technique “Magic Glove”.

SCENAR TRAINING in San Francisco, CA 19-21 May 2017
It was the best idea to see Dr. Iosif healing real patients, and I also thank you that I was one of these patients.
It was a great honor to be treated for the best SCENAR practitioner!
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3 days SCENAR training in Upper West Side Manhattan, NYC March 24-26 2017
Again, I want to thank you this last course.
It was very difficult for me to make the decision of going but I am really happy of have been there. The level was basic but very deep. I think Irina did a great job giving to all the group (beginners and the others) something new. I was able to connect what I learned in other courses.
Silvia valdés Vignau
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4 days SCENAR training in Sacramento, CA September 21-24 2016
Among them we had our old friends, our business partners and new participants who either work successfully with SCENAR or want to learn about SCENAR therapy. To accommodate the needs of all the interested parties we provided two classes of different levels although most of the participants had significant previous training and SCENAR experience and needed this particular training for professional development.

Hi Tamara,
I just want to thank you for a great 4 day seminar last week. Dr. Ershova is amazing and unbeat in her presentations.
I have learned so much and I have been putting already some of it to work.
The new Super Pro Scenar device that I purchased is amazing. What a powerhouse. I am very impressed.
Hopefully, I can attend another of your seminars soon.
Thank you
Kasia Wojsiat, DC

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Genuine SCENAR training in San Francisco Bay Area, Redwood City, CA July 22-24 2016
This is the current upgrade for the smartest professional device developed in transition to the new generation of SCENAR devices.
“Thank you for a wonderful seminar in July.
Dr.Irina is a great expert on a Scenar topic and has a great passion for sharing her experience with others.
I have learned a lot, I hope. There was a lot of information but I could go back to the office on Monday and start using the skills. Dr.Irina was the best Scenar teacher that I have had so far. She is great!!!! I would strongly recommend her as a teacher.
I wish, we had more hands on time but the time was limited for the amount of the information was great.
If Dr. Irina worked on maybe one more case in front of us, that would be great.
Considering all, it was a great seminar and I am planning to come back to the seminar in September in Sacramento.”
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Scenar Training Courses. Arlington, TX April 2016
Scenar Training Courses that took place in Arlington, TX in April, 2016 proved that the geography of our students expends. We had participants from CA, NM, OH, NYC, Canada and Mexico. We always try to compose our classes with our customers in mind. We know that people come with different levels of knowledge and skills as well as different expectations from the classes. So our training sessions are built to teach the beginners how to use Scenar and to refresh the memory and give in-depth info for those who had previous training. Such a differential approach helps our participants gain better results.”The Arlington Trainings were good, the quality of the handbooks and trainers excellent, only a little disorganized on the schedule and program because everybody got different information and started later that was supposed. Too much information for 2 day each training, you should shorten the info or take 1 more day. The translation on IOS if’s training made it slower because it wasn’t simultaneous. A little high the cost of the Trainings.””Overall impression from the training – Everybody enjoyed the classes and couldn’t be more the thankful for the information obtained. They found Dr. Irina extremely knowledgeable and willing to share what she knows about Scenar therapy. The students were impressed by the level of her expertise and the real-life examples she described during the class. Along with all the positive feedback we learnt that the print-outs should get more detailed attention to the content since there were a couple of discrepancies (between the description and pictures, some pics were missing). Also in the future we will have to be more thorough in regards of dividing students in groups. The training proved that the students for every course should be carefully selected based on the previous training, level of Scenar education and years of practice.”
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SCENAR GUADALAJARA. Febrero 16-21, 2016
Se complace en comunicar que en breve tendremos nuestra web, para brindarles información, citas a terapia scenar, conocimientos, accesorios y asesorarlos sobre esta maravillosa obra de la tecnología, dedicada al Bien-Estar.
Trabajamos en conjunto con el Dr. José Ignacio Martínez y su Equipo de Esfera Médica. Somos representantes autorizados de esta tecnología en Guadalajara a través de Esfera Médica Internacional.
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Galina Semyonova We arrange informational sessions, seminars and trainings where leading specialists in SCENAR therapy present innovative methods of SCENAR technology, latest devices and additions to them, as well as answer questions and address concerns of the participants.
You have a unique opportunity to meet with Galina Semyonova L.Ac., L.M.T., she has over 12 years as a SCENAR practitioner and over 10 years’ experience as a SCENAR instructor.
Course we offer: General SCENAR concepts: Theory and Practice.

SCENAR THERAPY COURSES: Lectures and hands-on January 9-10 2016, 8:00am – 5:00pm
This course will encompass the application of RITM SCENAR® treatment strategies for painful health complaint.
Come find out why and earn 14 CEUs at this two-day training for the leading edge RITM SCENAR® Pro device.
To attend this course you must be a licensed health care practitioner.
We believe this important SCENAR event will help all participants to enhance their knowledge and gain new techniques to apply in their practice.

Breakthrough in Self-Management of Chronic Pain – RITM Scenar™ Home Device
A popular medical device for controlling pain is the RITM Scenar™ Home now helping deliver fast and natural pain relief. As a proven self-treatment option for common workplace injuries and pain, the RITM Scenar Home is a hand held medical device that assists to relive all types of pain, including chronic, acute and post-operative without any known side effects.
The non-invasive neuromodulator device is ideal for seniors and individuals suffering with chronic pain, such as Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis pain.
The RITM Scenar™ Home promotes safe and effective application of devices and accessories.
For best results, attend training and education. Discover new treatment techniques.Home User Training – Stockyard – Texas – 2013

Arlington, TX. October 17 – 20, 2013
RITM SCENAR, Dr. Alexander Revenko, in Texas to deliver his RITM SCENAR Master Class:
– SCENAR Therapy of abdomen pain – neurological view.
– Scenar Therapy for Women’s Health.
Professor Revenko had been in Dallas- Fort Worth October 17- 20, 2013 to teach advanced training seminars to doctors from all over North America. The seminars been hosted by Tomatex, a leading distributor of RITM SCENAR medical devices.
Dr. Revenko is world renowned for being on the development team at OKB RITM ZAO, the manufacturers of the genuine RITM SCENAR device.
Just a quick note to thank you very, very much for the wonderful training course. I really appreciated all the knowledge I obtained, and meeting you all as well as Prof Revenko. I learned a lot and am so happy I could come down to Dallas for this opportunity. Please also convey my appreciation and gratefulness to Prof Revenko for sharing all his knowledge. These past days have deepened my feelings and understanding about SCENAR even more! I studied all my notes and the books for 6 hours on the airplane going home!! Thank you again – I will be in touch shortly but just wanted to let you know this. Vasana

Highlight 2013 from SCENARakademie
These sunny spring days Tomatex has become an active participant in Highlight 2013 conference. The event took place at Amara Dolce Vita hotel in Turkish Riviera on March 15-22. We regard this step as the bright opportunity for participating in different seminars and practical studies to know the latest news from the world of SCENAR technologies. In the field of psycho – somatic complaints SCENAR was considered in all its aspects.
The participants of the conference were happy to see Dr. Subbotina in Advanced Workshop, Pr. Revenko, Dr. Lazik, Dr. Schutz, Dr. Scherer and others among the recognized speakers.
The guests and the participants of the SCENAR Academy conference were demonstrated practical clinical examples how to use SCENAR Technology as an effective tool to control anxiety, stress, fear, pain, depression, and many other diseases.

Life without drugs or 20 years SCENAR seminars
Conference on the 20th anniversary of the SCENAR seminars. Taganrog, Russia. December 1-4 2012.
The hotel “Temirinda” gathered more than 50 people from 12 countries, including Slovakia, the Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, the UK, Mexico, Argentina, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, the United States and Italy.
Organizers – A.N.Revenko and G.V.Subbotina, SCENAR A.N.Revenko Academy, Moscow.
More information here

New York, NY. June 1-2, 2013.

New York, NY. February 22 – 24, 2013.

Arlington, TX. October 16 – 21, 2012.
A week-long SCENAR training in Arlington, TX, attracted ten people. Among them we had our old friends, our business partners and new participants who either work successfully with SCENAR or want to learn about SCENAR therapy. To accommodate the needs of all the interested parties we provided classes of different levels although most of the participants had significant previous training and SCENAR experience and needed this particular training for professional development. For the first time, a valuable new training course was introduced to the participants: Protocols for self-treatment with SCENAR. During this two-day seminar, filled with hands-on activities, Dr. Revenko shared with us his innovative approach to the analysis of initial reactions on professional devices. Participants learned various techniques of self-treatment that are easy to implement and that produce desired results fast.

We got many positive responses from the participants including J. Tucker. Who “was so pleasantly surprised with the organization, the knowledge and the commitment of the instructors and everyone taking part in organizing this seminar” Dr. Revenko proved to be “very impressive in the knowledge and experience with the RITM Scenar”. Jeff B. stated that “the entire support team including, Tamara, Inna and Tatiana were very helpful through the whole process and made us feel welcome and comfortable with the course ork/presentations”. We also got some recommendations/suggestions how to improve our seminars. It was great seeing Dr Revenko in Dallas.

Susanna shared an idea “to have an “assistant” walk around to help someone that is not grasping the material. One on one – so nobody falls behind”. They were great seminars.

Marta G.’s main concern was handouts and slides that “can be improved greatly if they were more explicit about protocols. Also, the handout was not as up to date as the live slides”. Improved handouts and slides will also lead to “having less lecture time and more learner participation.”

Taking all your concerns and suggestions seriously into consideration we in cooperation with Dr. Revenko will work on improving our seminars to provide the best quality of SCENAR training.

Kapaa Kauai, Hawaii. May 4, 2012.
On Friday evening, May 4th, Tomatex and Kauai Naturopathic & Acupuncture Clinic hosted a free community slide show/demonstration lecture about the Russian Scenar devices. The lecture was held at the Aston Aloha Beach Resort, Hawaii in Kapaa in the Piikoi room. Dr. Leia Melead presented the slide show, explaining in detail about the history, the mechanism and mode of action, the indications, and the contraindications for the use of the Scenar device.
A few patients shared their experience of how the Scenar helped them with their health issues. One patient brought with him a large kidney stone which he passed after his treatments with the Scenar device. He was in pain for one week before the treatments commenced, and after the first treatment, he became pain free. Another patient shared how the Scenar device helped with her knee pain.
In attendence were 15 people who were amazed at the information which was presented about the Russian healing Scenar device. There was a slide show with an active question-answer period and a short demonstration of the Scenar device. Everyone agreed that this device is truly an amazing healing device which every family should have in their possession for the myriad of different ailments and injuries that may occur.

Arlington, TX / New York, NY. March 27 – April 1, 2012.
It was a delight to train with Dr. Galina Subbotina and to see her at work with the Scenar. She is so knowledgeable from her many years of experience and integrates the information with science, homeopathy and oriental medicine beautifully.
Best wishes,
Dr. Valeria

Arlington, Texas. October 13 – 18 2011.
Dr.M says: “Enjoyable, informative seminar in a supportive environment. The goal is to increase one’s knowledge and skill level, as well as, effectiveness of treatment, no matter what your background. Hands on practice and demonstrations are very helpful. All this is taught by the actual developers of the protocols. An excellent program.”

Arlington, Texas. April 15 – 20, 2011.

Arlington, Texas. February 11 – 13, 2011.

Seattle, Washington. January 29 – 30, 2011.

Arlington, Texas November 17 – 21, 2010.

Fort Worth, Texas March 19 – 26, 2010.

New York Region November 13-18 2009.

Fort Worth, Texas April 16-19 2009.