Why is SCENAR more efficient, than other methods?

SCENAR therapy effects

The main advantage of SCENAR is that its impulse “neural-like’, as it is similar to myopulses and cardiopulses (particular case of myopulses).

SCENAR pulse is:

  1. ‘neural-like’
  2. High-amplitude (voltage & current)
  3. But undamaging (with limited energy)
  4. High-variative


  • Anti-pain effect
  • Antiedematic effect and effect of lymphatic drainage
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Effect of myostimulation adjusted to human physiology without mandatory electrodiagnostics
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Increased permeability of tissues


  • Effect of general regulation and sanogenous effect
  • Effect of antioxidant systems activation
  • Effect of autonomous neural system
  • Effect of stabilization of an autonomous neural system
  • Activation of an immune response

scenar training center

SCENAR seminars is a natural progression for those who already have good “hands on skills” and a working knowledge of SCENAR therapy as well as the beginners willing to learn the best non-invasive sophisticated medical technology. Therefore previous practical experience with SCENAR not required but preferred.
Education and training is provided by a seasoned highly experienced ScenarUSA team partnered with , MD(RU).
Come and learn in a relaxed informal approach where you can learn by doing as there is no substitute for getting ‘hands on’.
The course is very practical with a minimum of technical content and language.
Easy every-day language is used to explain any technical and medical terms that may be new to you.

Tamara Goncharov

President RITMSCENAR OKB, Inc.


Dallas, Texas, USA
We are the USA office of RITM OKB ZAO – the originator and patent holder of the SCENAR technology.

Olga Davis

Training and Support

Executive Administrator

Olga Davis, Executive Administrator, Training and Support.