Dear Friends, Please join us for a new SCENAR Training for a Successful Practitioner

Where: “Center for New Medicine” 6 Hughes, Suite 200 Irvine, Orange County, CA 92618

on May 24 – 26, 2019 in Irvine, CA (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)Course contents:

  1. SCENAR devices. SCENAR impulse, characteristics. SCENAR effects.
  2. General principles and rules of SCENAR therapy. Rules of work in D-0 and D-1.
  3. Algorithms for pain therapy. Pain management techniques.
  4. SCENAR therapy in the case of:
      • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
      • Headache, Migraine attacks,
      • Back pain. Radiculopathy (pinched nerve),
      • Neuritis of the trigeminal and Facial Nerves,
      • Respiratory diseases. Sinusitis,
      • Method of muscle frame correction,
      • Weight correction.

5. Rules and indications for use of ULM Energy Blanket. Who should attend:

Traditional, conventional, alternative, complementary, integrative, and holistic medical practitioners.

Individuals who are looking for and willing to learn non-invasive, non-pharmacologic, easy and effective pain relief therapy.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at moc.l1579922726iamg@1579922726ASU.r1579922726anecS1579922726 or (817) 228 – 2636.


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Fill Jonser
05/01/2019 2:15 PM

Thank! I will definitely be.


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