Back Pain. SCENAR therapy of acute and chronic back pain

Enhancing the Scenar practitioners’ self-confidence in dealing with various health issues and conditions. San Francisco March 2018


“Thank you for the wonderful 3 days training (I know we have said it before). So, thank you for making the whole experience a great one.”

Tess A.


“SCENAR-therapy as complementary method for conventional treatment effect acceleration. Even after the first SCENAR treatment child had improved mobility and marked pain relief. Generally much improved well-being and immensely improved Quality of life (QoL) ” 

Olga D.


“I want to thank you for a wonderful seminar.
Back to work and I have been incorporating new ideas already.
All that new material makes a big difference. Not only it shortened my time with patients but it gave me great results. Thank Dr. Irina when you have an opportunity. I hope to get on another seminar with you sometimes. I hope it will be possible. I would definitely retake the cosmetic and hormonal stuff.
Keep me posted.  The glove electrodes work amazing! ”  



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