Enhance Men’s Healing with Advanced SCENAR Technology

We have just finished another successful seminar in Los Angeles, CA (July 13th-15th, 2018). A unique topic – “Enhance Men’s Healing with Advanced SCENAR Technology” – attracted our regulars as well as new participants.

As you know Tomatex LLC is committed to providing the highest standards of training for small groups. We are partnering with Dr (Moscow, RU) because of her breadth and depth of experience with both teaching SCENAR technology and treating real patients.

So together we help our students who are naturally gifted body, mind and energy healers to learn how to use the finest RITMSCENAR devices and techniques. This experience makes the most difference on themselves, their families and business/medical practice.

And if you have never taken a SCENAR class with us please know:
• We provide SCENAR training at many levels including home devices for non-professionals.
• We can tailor a training to your exact needs whether you are a home user or a professional, so that you can get the very most out of your SCENAR device.
• We offer an ongoing support after the training. Your SCENAR journey only begins with us, but it never ends!
• We will only sell you the devices and accessories that you need.
• Even if you did not buy your device from us, or have done training elsewhere, we will be happy to help you! We have extensive knowledge of SCENAR devices and techniques.


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